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From Brokenness to strength

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Discover the secret to FINALLY getting and STAYING organized!

If you've tried to organize your home and your life by yourself, only to see everything slip back into chaos a few weeks or months later, it's not your fault. To truly get organized, you need to tackle your inner life before you can tackle your outer life: your possessions, your finances, and the other material parts of your everyday life. That's exactly what From Brokenness to Strength will help you do. Professional organizer Wendy Zanders walks you through each step of organizing your home and your life, sharing from personal experience how she overcame ADD and depression to create her own organized home. You'll learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed by the things surrounding you so you can live the happier, organized life you've been hoping for. 

Wendy Zanders is a professional organizer who is passionate about helping people collect memories and experiences, not things. An underperformer in grade school due to undiagnosed attention deficit disorder (ADD), Wendy worked hard and surpassed the expectations of everyone around her. Early in her career, she found that she had a knack for systems and organizing, but found herself living in a totally disorganized home after several episodes of depression. She helps families get organized by helping them identify what has created the clutter in their lives, and by helping them create systems so they can get back in control of their possessions and homes. 

Wendyzander Brokenness To Strength

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