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Homeschooling your kids - choose what works for your family

Azaniah has finished all of her science assignments for the school year!

Some days it’s pulling teeth and others days, like last night, she wanted to do school work at 11pm. So we did! We are so proud of her. Now we are focusing on the next subject--Social Studies.

When we started homeschooling, the kids had math, science, social studies, keyboarding and English (reading comprehension & writing). I found myself switching from subject to subject every 30 minutes or so and I got frustrated. We would buckle down to finally start a subject and it was time to switch to another subject. I thought that was how public school did it and how we should too.

Finally, I decided to change it up and make it more enjoyable:

- I stopped following the school schedule because it was causing so much anxiety with my family.

- We started by breaking up the anxiety and not caring if we were falling behind by the world's standards. The kids were happier and we were too!

- We added in cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. as part of the curriculum. For me, when they become adults, they need to be functioning humans as well. Teach the kids how to declutter and keep their rooms clean. Get them involved with real-life tasks!

- The kids getting “A’s” and staying on schedule are not the most important things.

- My son has ADHD. Math is painful for him but he wanted a YouTube channel so it became part of his curriculum. We see that he will likely be an entrepreneur rather than work for someone else. Until he decides, we are giving him the benefits and guidance of being both an entrepreneur and an employee. 

- We strive to use real life examples. 

What are your kids interested in doing?

What lights their little souls on fire?

Add that into their curriculum as an elective.

I will be interviewing Keyshon as a Facebook live so he can talk about homeschooling and his YouTube channel. Do you have any specific questions you'd like me to ask him? Let me know in the comments or email them to me!

From this homeschooling mama to NEWLY appointed homeschooling mamas, extend yourself grace. Enjoy the process and don’t try to “stay on schedule”. Do what you can, but most importantly, stay sane. If not, being quarantined will be painful for everyone. 

Hugs to you as you homeschool your kids!

- Wendy


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