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2020 has already been an emotionally-draining roller coaster of a year, even though June is just beginning. With the recent events in our nation, I want to voice some of my thoughts to hopefully benefit you, your families and your community, as we work on growing together and caring for each other.

We are hurting as a community and as a country. This is not what our ancestors have fought for. This is not what our military risks their lives for. This is not using our freedom in the way it was intended. I am sad for our world and for those who have lost their lives. I am disappointed in how people are choosing to respond, or choosing not to respond at all.

People have been reaching out to me and asking what they can do to help. I have noticed several companies are donating money to causes, and while it is awesome to speak with your finances, we need to go deeper.

If everyone started making a change in their own communities, getting their children involved, and making small changes a normal routine, we could leave a bigger impression in the hearts and minds of those around us than any sum of money ever could. Let us be the change we want to see in the world.

How can you positively impact your community?

  • Get shoulder to shoulder with your neighbors and cleanup your neighborhood.

  • Stop the pettiness of ding-dong ditches and neighborhood rivalries, and instead look for a neighbor who needs help with something. Do you have an elderly neighbor who could benefit from you picking up bread and milk when you run to the store? Or hand-delivering the newspaper that gets tossed in their driveway? Do you have a family you could invite over for dinner or dessert, who doesn't have family close-by and is lonely not knowing anyone? A plate of cookies, or simply a sincere smile and wave go such a long way.

  • Use your social media accounts as ways to spread positivity and do good; not gossip or cause division. Support local businesses. Encourage those you are "following", and be a true friend.

  • Reach out to law enforcement and ask how you can get involved with helping them connect with the communities you support. Ask law enforcement how you can do more to protect and serve them.

  • If you see injustice, point it out and report it, even if it's your own family member or friend.

Social Media - are you cringing with me? It is sometimes referred to as the necessary evil. I feel like right now, we are all screaming into the wind, and no one is hearing. Everyone wants to be heard, but no one wants to listen. We need to get out from behind our screens and talk to one another, face-to-face, and bridge the divide of misunderstanding.

To those in leadership or business, I know you have content scheduled in advance and your train tracks are well-greased so you are ahead of schedule. It's okay to pause and speak. It's okay to change the narrative and let your audience know you aren't deaf to what's happening in our world. Don't turn a blind eye. We will respect and support you even more, if we know you are for us as people and not just for our wallets.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. To those who have a voice, speak up when you see injustice. If you don't know what to say, or don't know where to start, ask some questions and get the topic going.

I remember a movie I watched a few years ago, A Time to Kill, and it keeps flooding my mind. Justice was served once race was taken out of the scenario and just the facts remained. It is so fitting for this time and it is timeless in its details. I hope you watch this clip with closed eyes and an open heart. If we lay aside race, we can really begin to see the truth. Let us all be judged based on our character and our work ethic; not based on the color of our skin.

Have you ever watched ripples on a body of water? A small ripple continues to spread, while creating larger ripples. Create a ripple with your actions and kindness today. This quote I'm sharing in the photo below is from Boundless Blessings by Kamal's blog. Be the change, move forward and start that ripple!

I am so thankful for the healing decluttering brings. Although I am emotionally-drained from all that is going on, I am so grateful to be connecting in-person with my clients again. Decluttering helps our emotions and clears our minds.

Join me today in choosing to be the change we desire to see in our world. People should be judged by their character and work ethic; not by the color of their skin. Choose to be the positive you want to see, lift each other up, show love, be kind; we need this more than ever before. Our children and future generations need us. What will the history books say about how we faced 2020's social problems and violence?


Thank you https://www.americanrhetoric.com, for making the clip of A Time to Kill available.

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