Want a declutter coach in your corner?

I'm happy to help!

  • FREE 20 minute consultation to discuss pain points and which projects you want to tackle.

  • 6 -3 hour sessions working side by side

This package is for you if:

  • You feel stuck and frustrated at the condition of your home.

  • You spend your weekends cleaning and spend your weekdays overwhelmed.

  • You need accountability and support in-person

  • You need help prioritizing projects.

  • You live in the surrounding area of Phoenix, AZ and want me to work side by side with you to clear the clutter.


(subject to travel fees)

  • 12 Week Declutter Coaching Program.

  • Will teach you how to declutter

  • AND maintain key areas of your home.

The Group Program is For You If:

  • You have special needs and are looking to declutter your home and life. 

  • You are comfortable working with a community of people.

  • You want empowerment to do this on your time.

  • You can be accountable without me in the room with you.

  • You need accountability to keep the progress going.  ​

  • You need step-by-step, judgment-free guidance.

  • You want to learn how to maintain your spaces after they've been decluttered.


What people are saying...

"I took part in a workshop with Wendy this afternoon and it was great! Wendy is so supportive and down to earth and shared her own experiences so I knew I wasn’t alone. She breaks decluttering down into simple doable steps and makes it achievable. I am looking forward to my next workshop!"

- Laura

"Working with Wendy was awesome! She had a very clear idea of what to do with my space, and was able to clearly show me her plan and helped me make it happen. Thanks to her help, my catastrophe of a basement is now part office, part mancave, part storage, and all toddler-proof! Thanks again, Wendy!"


- Renee

"Wendy has streamlined my home and my way of life!

As someone who suffers from ADD, it can be debilitating to think of all the things that must be done while trying to do a hundred other things at the same time.

Wendy has taught me how to start where I am and has guided those of us in her community with so much respect and dedication. Her classes are worth the investment. After all, less physical clutter = less mental clutter!

If you want someone who will take you by the hand in your decluttering journey and will always have your best interest at heart, she's the coach you never knew you needed! I am moving houses and have gotten rid of decades worth of stuff -- now, we have a home that doesn't suffocate us. 

Thank you, Wendy!" - Kitty

"Wendy is AMAZING!! In one week, she has brought so much peace and sanity to our house. We are a busy family with apparently no decluttering skills and our house shows that. She came in and magic happened! I worked with Wendy on part of the house and she also worked with my kids. My favorite part of working with Wendy has been the way she was able to work with my children and get them on board with decluttering and organizing their rooms. Our entire family is happy with the progress and we've scheduled more time to tackle the rest of the house."


- Heather

"Wendy knows how to make decluttering feel easy and can help you transform a room from overwhelmingly messy and stressful to fresh, clean and peaceful! She has all the good tips and motivation!"


- Nagina

"What an amazing afternoon. Wendy Zanders sure knows her stuff about decluttering, organizing, and prioritizing. In just 4 hours we accomplished so much! For those considering using her service you won't be disappointed. Can't wait to continue getting my life back. Thank you so much Wendy. See you again soon!"


- Laura

"DeeCilla Comfort Center connected with Wendy to help a client (friend) transitioning to move and struggling to sort through items they accumulated and paying for storage to hold on to them. After only two hours, our friend, who once struggled with letting go with a washcloth, cleared out over half a storage unit. Feeling encouraged and empowered, they returned the next day on their own to clear out even more.

There are many business people out there, but Wendy’s heart and passion always radiate, and I believe that is what makes the difference. I am grateful that we connected and highly recommend Wendy. She is truly a change maker."


- Shawanda