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Let’s take you from 
Overwhelmed to Simplified 

Your Declutter Coach Membership!

You’re a busy mom, struggling to find the balance between providing the best environment possible for your special needs child while navigating the clutter and stress that so many of us call “life” these days.

Maybe you have a special needs child who has unique needs. Or your large family just feels a bit overwhelming at times, with everyone needing something different.

You want to spend these amazing moments with your children, creating memories that will carry them through adolescence and into adulthood. Moments that meet your children where they’re at, with you feeling calm and collected, ready to tackle their needs head-on.

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 It’s too much to have to think about: 


  • How to talk your child into cleaning his room 

  • Maintaining health care and educational records for everyone in your home 

  • Keeping the finances up-to-date with your budget firmly in place 

  • All the technology clutter that invades your life without invitation 

  • The general overwhelm and stress that comes with raising a family 


 Hiring someone to declutter your home for you feels really great. The professional organizer comes in, does her work, and everything neatly in place and ready for your next dinner party. 



But once your home organizer leaves, do you know how to maintain the systems --

or will you be ready to pay someone to perform the service again in just a few weeks or months?

From all the work I’ve done with clients, I can tell you that the answer is the latter.

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We’re not all born with the organizer gene, but you can be taught! And when you know how to declutter and organize on your own, you’re empowered to have the tidy and organized home you’ve always wanted.


Your Declutter Coach Membership will teach

you just that!

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Inside the membership, you’ll have access to:


  • A library of courses you can take at your own pace, focusing on foundations like paperwork, digital, finances, time, health, and more.

  • Virtual FOCUS Time with Wendy 2x a month

  • Quarterly masterclasses to dig deeper into a specific skill

  • A community of like-minded moms to act as your virtual support group

  • Discounts on virtual decluttering sessions

And you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that everything you own has a place... and you know exactly how to ensure everything is in its place.

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Your Declutter Coach Membership
and get started on removing the overwhelm from your life so you can feel simplified and streamlined.


Decluttering is not a one-time process; it is never ending. BUT, every time you work on a space, it gets easier and easier.

Your Declutter Coach Membership is the perfect opportunity to have a cheerleader on your team. A community you can check in with to ask any questions, or to simply keep you on track. Plus, you'll be joined by other people who are currently in a situation very similar to yours! It's an opportunity for motivation, community and accountability - without you ever having to leave your home!

I have heard clients say, "I get more done in 45 minutes with you than I was trying to do all week!" 



Wendy is wonderful! So helpful in digging through all the stuff I accumulated in my office. She was so patient with me, nonjudgmental and so easy to work with! I was amazed how much stuff we got thought and completely finished my project. I am so happy to have a organized clean work space, I find myself just going in there and smiling! :-)

- Angie

Wendy is a miracle worker!! She took our chaotic post-move disaster mess and helped me break it down into manageable areas and categories (stuff to find a spot for, stuff to give away, stuff to toss, etc). I had been paralyzed by the mess and didn’t know where to begin, and with Wendy’s help we were able to make order out of mayhem and it was completely transformational!! Love working with Wendy and 100% recommend her services!!

- Nicole

Wendy has been so helpful in teaching my child and the rest of the household , how to deal with the clutter we had accumulated for years. She stresses on keeping memories and not things. And that the things we keep and not use are hindering us too from better things, like more space for play and interaction , organization , or space for things that better serve our current needs. She helps you reflect and see the source of the accumulation and non organization... and helps you move forward . She is a delight and is loved by my family. We cannot wait to work with her again !

- Maria


We are not a special needs family, can I still join the membership?

Absolutely, we would love to have you. My approach can work for everyone looking to simplify their home, papers and life. Join us!

I am not a mom, can I still join the membership?

Absolutely. I have a module dedicated strictly for kids so you can just skip that module if it doesn’t pertain to you. Join us!

I am so overwhelmed, where should I start?

I have been in that space of overwhelm. A few years ago I fell into depression and I didn’t recognize my home. To dig myself out of overwhelm, I started listing all the spaces that I wanted to tackle and tackled them according to priority. Helping you create that plan will be one of the first lessons I will teach to get you started.

I still have questions about which option is best for me. Can I contact you by phone?

As a homeschooling family, I work on being present wherever I am. Whether I am with my family or working side by side with my clients, my goal is always to provide full and undivided attention. This is one of the reasons why I do not answer my phone unless it is an emergency.

The best way to connect with me is by scheduling a FREE 20 minute consultation. We will discuss your pain points and see which of my programs are right for you (1:1, FOCUS Time with Wendy or Your Declutter Coach Membership)