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Life with special needs is complicated, your home shouldn’t be.


It’s time to clear the clutter and find peace in Your Simplified Home

even if you have ADHD, autism, or another neurodiverse condition that has kept you from simplifying your home and life in the past

Are you feeling suffocated and stuck in a never-ending cycle of clutter? 

Overwhelmed by the stuff in your home, but paralyzed to do anything about it? 


You’ve probably:

🖐 Watched all the episodes of Hoarders to help motivate you

🖐 Watched all the organizing shows and bought all the containers they suggested

🖐 Watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix

🖐 Dreamed of hiring a Professional Organizer sometime in the past but felt afraid of judgment OR didn’t think you can maintain your home after they left

🖐 Started decluttering and organizing and ran out of steam and the home looks worse than when you started.

🖐 Thrown plastic bags full of clutter into a closet because you had company coming over and forgot all about it. 

The organizing containers that book told you to buy are sitting in the corner collecting dusk. Clearly, they weren’t the magic solution promised either. You’re frustrated, and deep down inside, you might be afraid that maybe there’s no hope for you at all.


That this is the way you have to live now, forever-and-ever-amen.


✅ You’ve read ALL the advice. 

✅ You’ve tried ALL the methods. 

✅ You’ve beat yourself up over every “failed attempt.” 


You’re this close to resigning yourself to the fact that your home will always be a disaster. Your days of hosting gatherings are over. Are you destined to live in an overwhelming mess of stuff forever?


Here’s a little secret, friend-to-friend.

It is not your fault. 


The clutter is there, sure, but you are not to blame for all the times you tried and didn’t see results. 


Traditional Decluttering Methods weren’t made for people dealing with special needs or neurodiversity like autism, ADHD, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) – or cares for someone who does – the reason these methods haven’t worked for you in the past is because, simply put, they weren’t made for someone like you. 


They weren’t made for someone with your unique giftings and personality, your family’s needs and preferences, and the way you’re wired to be. 


The half-finished projects, books, courses may feel like a failure but they’re not. They weren’t made for you in the first place. 


The Marie Kondos, the HGTV shows, the Container Store… these are just some of the ways that DON’T work for neurodiverse minds like ours.

You may have clutter, but clutter doesn’t have you – not when you say yes to


Your Simplified Home

the step-by-step decluttering plan designed for the special needs community to take home and life from overwhelmed to simplified 

>> It’s time to focus on one thing at a time. One space at a time. Step-by-step. The way your brain is designed to work. 


>> It’s time to do it YOUR way, in a way that is designed to work for you, exactly as you are. You don’t have to change who you are to find success.


>> It’s time to focus on what YOU have the power to change, and get the support and accountability to make it happen.





How does it work?:

✅12-week Declutter Program offering step-by-step judgment-free guidance for targeted areas of your home

✅ Weekly Accountability 

✅ Weekly Coworking or body doubling together: We will focus on decluttering our spaces together! Our weekly sessions are 90 minutes on Fridays via Zoom 5:00 - 6:30 pm ET

✅ Downloadable Action Plans for each of the spaces we will tackle together

✅ Daily tasks emailed to break down the Action Plan into small bite sized pieces. 

✅ Make it Stick! We end the program with a special Zoom session to review your spaces and make final adjustments. Will also give you tips & tricks to help you maintain Your Simplified Home. 

✅ $297 or 3 payments of $99 



Weekly Schedule:   

Week 1 paper pitchfest. Week 2 Declutter Your Clothes Closet. Week 3 Declutter Your Bedroom. Week 4 FREE/Catchup. Week 5 paper pitchfest - medical. Week 6 Declutter Your Bathroom, Week 7 Declutter your pantry & spices. Week 8 Declutter Your Kitchen. Week 9 FREE/Catchup. Week 10 paper pitchfest. Week 11 Declutter your bookshelves. Week 12 4 hour FOCUS Time & Congratulations.

Hey, I’m Wendy Zanders, Your Declutter Coach, and I’ve been where you are. 

After losing my Nephew in 2015, the grief and trauma I walked through made my house fall to the wayside. I was working full time, exhausted, grieving, and burnt out. 

My husband carried the load of the household as I became more and more numb, with less and less ambition to put things back together. I finally realized that this heaviness wasn’t normal and was diagnosed with depression. I was also diagnosed with PTSD, and anxiety from my military service. As I saw my Therapist she also became my accountability partner to help me begin taking the steps to put my home back together. Before I left my sessions I told her what I wanted to accomplish when I came back to my next session. 




I wanted to have my kitchen decluttered but didn’t know where to start. I went through my entire house, going room by room making a list of the spaces I desperately needed to declutter and taking it one step, one space, one item at a time. I started to see progress through the framework I created for myself because that’s what worked for my brain. My capacity. My unique needs and desires… which is probably your brain too.

Through Your Simplified Home, we’ll get your home to a place that’s easy to manage, too, focusing on what you have the power to change. The group program setting provides access to, guidance by, and accountability from me, but you’ll also get the motivation and inspiration from others who are on the same journey. 


You’ll get the direction and motivation to declutter YOUR WAY. 


      💙 This program is SUPPORTIVE. 

      💙 This program is UNDERSTANDING. 

      💙 This program is COMPASSIONATE. 

      💙 This program is EMPOWERING. 


These 90 days together are designed uniquely for the special needs community and unlike anything else on the market right now. 


Your Simplified Home is the roadmap you’ve been looking for. Are you ready for the relief of finally conquering your clutter?

I know what you’re probably thinking… 

  • “What if people judge me or my home?”

  • “What if I fail again?”


Friend, let me ask you this: what if you don’t try? What then? 

  • Will your pantry stay the same packed-like-sardines situation as it is now?

  • Will you continue to spend your weekends and vacations in crisis management mode?

  • Will you continue to struggle with daily tasks and chores because the clutter is so paralyzing?

  • Will you continue to have plastic bags full of clutter hidden in various places throughout your house?

  • Will your house continue to have piles that need to go to donation but your motivation to go is lacking?

The Group Program is For You If:

  1. You have special needs and are looking to declutter your home and life 

  2. You need accountability to keep the progress going  ​

  3. You need step-by-step, judgment-free guidance

  4. You want to learn how to maintain your spaces after they've been decluttered

  5. You are looking for a community of people that get you

This Group Program is NOT for you if: 

  1. You’re uncertain or unwilling to do the work. 

  2. You know you will not take action during the week or when we are on zoom together.

  3. You are going to give into the excuses of why you can’t do the work.

After our 90 days together:


>>You’ll feel so much relief, going through your house and looking at how beautiful and decluttered it is. 


>> You’ll be so proud of what you accomplished and can maintain moving forward. 


>> No neurodiverse condition can slow you down, and it’s more important than ever to figure out how to make your stuff and home work FOR you, not against you, as you live your life and impact the world. 


This program best serves anyone that identifies as having special needs, such as: ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), etc. If you're not sure, feel free to reach out so we can chat and see if it's a good fit. 


Who is this program for?

This program best serves anyone that identifies as having special needs, such as: ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), etc. If you're not sure, feel free to reach out so we can chat and see if it's a good fit. 

What do I do if I fall behind in the program?

There truly is no falling behind in this program. We will work at our own pace, and the weeks serve as a guide so I can help you stay accountable. You will have workbooks/action plans plus daily emails so you can go at your pace.

I am so overwhelmed, do you think I will be able to be successful in this program?

If you join the program and you show up 100%, then I show up 100% for you. In this program, we'll only work on 1 space at a time. We'll break each space down into small, actionable daily tasks. Those small steps will lead to big wins.

I’ve tried something like this in the past. How is this different?

I have created workbooks and you will also get daily steps to help you be successful. We are all on our own journey so go as fast or as slow as you need. I break it down into step by step pieces to avoid squirreling and to help you stay focused.

How fast will I see results?

Even though we are working together for a total of 90 days, you will see results after the 1st space we tackle together. If the space is cluttered, it’s heavy; when it’s decluttered, it will feel light and like a burden has been lifted. 

Let’s focus on the spaces that YOU have control over. Is it the kitchen? Your side of the closet? If family members aren’t present when you are working in the space, then we won’t be touching their stuff. If family members are present, I’d love for them to join us and work alongside us.

I’m afraid of judgment over my mess.

I’ve been where you’ve been. My home was a mess when I struggled with depression. I was able to create a process for myself to help me get back on track and I can help you do the same in a compassionate and nonjudgmental environment. If you do not want to share before and after pictures that’s fine. I do encourage everyone to take pictures, even for themselves. You will be amazed at the progress. I truly get you in all of the ways!

I don't have support at home. Will I be able to be successful in this program?

You don’t have to struggle through trying to declutter alone. You don’t have to stay stuck in the mess anymore.


Let me help you and support you as we take your home and life from overwhelmed to simplified in a way that is designed to work for you and your family.


You may have clutter, but clutter doesn’t have you – not when you say yes to this 90 day group coaching program designed to kick your clutter to the curb for good. 


Wendy has streamlined my home and my way of life!

As someone who suffers from ADD, it can be debilitating to think of all the things that must be done while trying to do a hundred other things at the same time.

Wendy has taught me how to start where I am and has guided those of us in her community with so much respect and dedication. Her classes are worth the investment.

After all, less physical clutter = less mental clutter!

If you want someone who will take you by the hand in your decluttering journey and will always have your best interest at heart, she's the coach you never knew you needed! I am moving houses and have gotten rid of decades worth of stuff -- now, we have a home that doesn't suffocate us

Thank you, Wendy!

- Kitty

Wendy knows how to make decluttering feel easy and can help you transform a room from overwhelmingly messy and stressful to fresh, clean and peaceful! She has all the good tips and motivation!

- Nagina

I have heard clients say, “I get more done in 45 minutes with you than I was trying to do all week”.

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I am loving the accountability to at least do something…. Instead of staring at the clutter and then tucking away the dissatisfaction of it in the back of my mind… For me it’s a shift in my thoughts about procrastinating not to do anything… Thank you Wendy Zanders your a huge blessing.
- Doris