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Wendy Zanders - Your Declutter Coach

Recent studies have shown that poor home organization is one of the 5 leading causes of stress. Everyone has different organizational goals and priorities and it is our job to help you synthesize those goals into a clear and actionable plan that can give you back the time and energy you need to focus on what matters most to you. Let us help you reclaim your favorite spaces today.


"In just 4 hours we accomplished so much!"

"What an amazing afternoon. Wendy Zanders sure knows her stuff about decluttering, organizing, and prioritizing. In just 4 hours we accomplished so much! For those considering using her service you won't be disappointed. Can't wait to continue getting my life back. Thank you so much Wendy. See you again soon!"

- Laura C.

Looking for a Home Organizer in Buckeye, Arizona?

Sometimes life, and the things we acquire throughout it, can seem to take over.  Clutter in your home and office is proven to be one of the biggest sources of stress in day to day life. If you find yourself drowning in the things that you own, allow Wendy Zanders to help you organize and prioritize your space so that you can get back to collecting experiences, instead of things.

How a Personal Organizer Can Help You Declutter Your Home in Buckeye, Arizona

After working 40 hours a week, raising a family and caring for yourself, it can be easy to fall behind in organizing and cleaning. You can spend your entire weekend cleaning, just to have the mess come back throughout the week. A personal organizer will not only help you minimize your belongings and clean your space, but help you develop systems and techniques to not only establish a working space, but also maintain it. With many years of experience, Wendy Zanders works with you to develop techniques that fit your personality and lifestyle to make sure that you are set up for success. She works side by side with you, providing organizational tools and advice, helping you get the areas you need decluttered and organized. Let Wendy help you with all of your home organization services in Buckeye, Arizona.

Contact Us Today to See How We Can Help You Declutter Your Life

If you are overwhelmed and wondering where to start your path towards an organized lifestyle, send us an inquiry or schedule your complimentary 20-minute consultation today.  Providing coaching, speaking and residential organizing services to the Buckeye, Arizona area, Wendy Zanders is here to help you declutter your life both internally and externally.

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